The Board of Trustees (BoT) governs the Doha Institute (DI) at the highest executive level. Guided by the authority conferred to it by the Institutional Bylaws , the BoT establishes policies for its internal operations, and elects from among its membership standing committees (the Executive Committee, Nominations Committee, Academic Affairs Committee, Financial Affairs and Planning Committee, Financial and Administrative Audit Committee, Compensation Committee) with specific mandates to assist in carrying out its duties. The number of Trustees shall be no less than nine (9) and no more than fifteen (15).

The BoT is linked to the DI through the president and works to evaluate the DI's performance, overseeing the institutional (corporate) long-term planning and affairs of the DI, including financial, academic, and organizational planning.

At the strategic level, the BoT ensures the DI's commitment to its sponsors and main stakeholders. At the operational level, the BoT ensures that all policies, plans, and budgets proposed by the president and approved by the DI Council are implemented.

The first BoT was established in 2015.